How I Can Mentor You To Win A Full Master’s Scholarship In Sweden


Since I wrote my last article here on how I won a full scholarship for Masters in Sweden, I’ve received a lot of messages from prospective candidates who are interested in getting to know how I did it and how I can help them win it. Unfortunately, if you have not yet applied for the Master’s in Sweden for Autumn 2018 admission, I think it’ll be too late to start now because the deadline for applying for Masters was January 15, a few weeks ago.

The timeline for the current application round is as follows:

October 17, 2017 – Masters application opened at University Admissions

January 15, 2018 – Deadline for selecting Master’s programmes

February 1, 2018 – Deadline for paying the application fee and submitting required documents

February 2, 2018 – Applications open for Swedish Institute Study Scholarship

February 9, 2018 – Applications for SI Scholarship closes

April 6, 2018 –  Admission results published

April 26, 2018 – List of scholarship recipients published.

Fortunately, you don’t need to worry because you already know about it, and can begin preparing yourself for when the next call for applications will be made, most likely later in the year.

For the past few months, I’ve been mentoring some candidates who are applying in the current round for the scholarship, and it’s been a fulfilling experience for me, and I’m motivated to mentor more candidates for the next round of the scholarship. So, you have a whole year of mentoring from me on how to win a full Master’s scholarship in Sweden, if you intend to sign up. I also prepared for about a year before I applied for the scholarship, and this involved “stalking” any website that had to do with Sweden and education in Sweden. This included websites like,,, etc. I will advise you to also start “stalking” these websites and any other one you discover that talks about studying in Sweden, including I also prepared myself by contacting about 9 recipients of the scholarship at that time, and I really learned a lot from their experience. I’m a current holder of the scholarship that is willing to help you and you can sign up your email address here ( to receive tips and updates from me by email.

One very important thing I mentioned in my last article was the fact that academic achievement does not play a significant role in the selection of scholarship winners. The most important things are work experience and leadership experience. The Swedish Institute usually requires at least 3000 hours of work experience. How do you calculate the number of hours you’ve worked for totally? Follow this step. How many hours do you work in a week? How many weeks do you work for in a year? And how many years have you worked for? Now multiply the three numbers; the number of hours, the number of weeks and the number of years. This work experience doesn’t have to be from paid work, it could be an internship, volunteering, part-time employment, either during your university studies or after university studies. As for the leadership experience, it could be through previous work experience, through position as chairman or board member at student unions or student organisations, through involvement in civil society organisations, or volunteer assignments after high school studies, or maybe you’ve had the responsibility of organizing events, raising funds; all these experiences can count as leadership experience. Leadership experience can also be the experience of leading other colleagues/ organizations, a mandate to influence the development strategy for the organization you work at, allocate tasks to colleagues and familiarity with decision-making processes. If you don’t have any of these, you have the whole year to gain the experience. It doesn’t have to be from a job, you can volunteer for causes focused on societal development in your community. The leadership experience has no requirement in regards to the minimum number of hours.

So, who wants to join my mentorship group? Sign up here…

By the way, watch out for more posts from me on this website as this will also serve as a mentoring channel for me.

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See you next time!!

Mobolaji Folorunso

24 Replies to “How I Can Mentor You To Win A Full Master’s Scholarship In Sweden”

  1. Abraham Kemokai
    April 16,2018 at9:11pm

    I am Abraham Kemokai,I would like to study Law in your institution


  2. I am very pour of this institution,for the hard work,thank for been there for poor people who are willing to archives their goal in education.

    Abraham Kemokai

  3. I am sulaiman sesay a Sierra Leonean by nationality and I hv just completed BSC in public sector management at the university of Sierra Leone,and I hope this opportunity would be relevant for me to pursue my studies.

    Hope to hear from you.

  4. I’m Martin owomugisha with bachelors degree of administration feom Mbarara university of sciences and technology Uganda,I would like to aquire Masters in public health management.

    Hope to get a nice feedback from you.

  5. I am Bewketu Mekonnen from Ethiopia, I would like to study Environmental Engineering Msc degree from your institution if you give me a chance.

  6. I am Macy T.S.Wilson from Liberia, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in General Agriculture, I would like to study Master in Food science in your institution. Hope to get a reply from you.

    1. Am Oahimin Priscilla from Nigeria, am interested in studying Industrial Biochemistry (Msc) in your institution

  7. I am maryam a Nigerian by nationality. ..I have a degree in biology education. ..would like to study public health in ur institutions hope to hear from you

  8. I am Assefa from Ethiopia. I have BA degree in sociology. I want to continue MS in your university. I hope you permit me to learn in your university. I am waiting your response soon

  9. I am from Ethiopia. I graduated in Adama Science and Technology University (BSc.) in Chemistry and from Haramaya University in Inorganic Chemistry (MSc.). Now I want to learn my PhD in your university if possible. “Nanotechnology” (Heterogeneous photocatalysis)

  10. My name is Lawrence T. Sehwah from Liberia, sanniquellie city Nimba county. I am interested in studying at your institution, I’m in studying information technology

  11. I am Laetitia from Rwanda,I graduated in accounting and I am doing CPA and I really want to do MBA in Sweden with full scholarship. Thank you in advance !

  12. I am John Steven Mushi from Tanzania now i graduate bachelor in marine engineering so I want to study master of marine surveying

  13. I am Bewketu Mekonnen from Ethiopia BSc degree in Water supply and Environmental Engineering, I would like to study Msc degree in Environmental engineering in your institution.

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